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The Story of Darwin, Creationism, Evolution and Law Courts

(This is the text of talk delivered by Justice Yatindra Singh, Judge Allahabad High Court, in the inaugural function of Zoological Society University of Allahabad in DR Bhattacharya auditorium, Nehru science centre on 31st October 2009.

Summary: It is a tribute to Charles Darwin on his bicentennial birth anniversary and 150th year since publication of 'On the Origin of Species'. It talks about his life, origin of species, objections of the creationists, and the cases banning teaching of 'Origin of Species' or requiring the schools to teach creationism/ artificial intelligence.
Click here to download the pdf format of the article.)

Five of my life's finest years, have been spent in this University and two out of these were spent here, in the science faculty. In the year 1968, when I took admission (ours was the first batch with statistics), NCC was compulsory unless one represented the University in some game.…